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1. About this site

This is the corporate home page of aptpod, Inc.

2. To comfortably use this site

The following is information on the environment is necessary for customers to conveniently use this site (some services provided by this site may not be available depending on the environment you use).

Recommended browsers

The following browsers are recommended to view and use this site:

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(*Note that the page may not be able to be seen accurately with a browser other than those recommended as the layout may fall apart.)


ome services on this site use JavaScript. Setting of JavaScript should be enabled by using your browser when you use those services.

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This site uses style sheets. Style sheets may be disabled if the page layout substantially falls apart even when a recommended browser is used. Change the setting of the browser to enable style sheets. (*Note that, if a browser other than those recommended is used, the page may not be displayed accurately, and the layout may fall apart even if style sheets are enabled.)

3. Protection of personal information

This site has guidelines for handling personal information so that you can use its service with security and safety. For detailed information on the handling of personal information, see the Private Policy.

4. Exemption

aptpod, Inc., does not guarantee the safety, appropriateness, or accuracy of the content of this site and does not assume responsibility for damage the user of this site incurred as a result of using this site or content (such as templates, materials, and tools) supplied by this site.

The content and URL of this site are subject to change, discontinuation, or deletion without notice and APTPOD, Inc., does not assume responsibility for any damage the user incurs as a result.

5. Opinions and questions about this site

If you have any opinions or questions about this site, inform APTPOD, Inc., by using the Contact Form.