intdash Server

intdash server-side middleware to realize a scalable multifunctional data pipeline

intdash Server

intdash Server is server-side middleware for building various data pipelines in intdash. intdash Server provides diverse functions essential to the realization of industrial digital transformation such as high-capacity real-time transmission, high performance datastore that stores massive time-series data at high speed, and an open standard authentication mechanism that is easy to link with external systems.

Overall configuration of intdash middleware

intdash Server

intdash API

The intdash API is a public API (Application Programming Interface) for intdash Server that developers can use in external applications.

Real-time API that enables end-to-end real-time transmission

  • Communication between the edge and the server that uses the proprietary protocol, iSCP
  • Many-to-many communication with a scalable intermediary server
  • Excellent real-time performance
  • iSCP data format that stores diverse data

RESTful API that provides easy application access

  • Authentication and authorization function (OAuth2.0-enabled)
  • Access to various intdash resources such as edge device information and time-series data
  • Upload and download of time-series data

Authentication and authorization function

  • Authorization procedure that conforms to the open standard OAuth2.0
  • Authentication method using embedded device token in the specific format
  • Authentication method using device certificates can also be supported (optional).

Time-Series Data Management Service

Time-Series Data Management Service manages time-series data. This service receives a large amount of time-series data sent from edge devices and provides it via the API.

Scalability to support even large-scale operation

  • Distributed architecture that reliably stores several thousand to tens of thousands of time-series data units per second transmitted from a single edge device at high speed.
  • A proprietary sharding (distributed management of time-series data) mechanism is implemented to ensure scalability for large-scale operation.

Analytics Services

Analytics Services is a service that allows you to add plugin modules to extend intdash. You can create modules for Analytics Services mainly by using Python. You can add your own logic and customize intdash to achieve use cases like the example shown below.

Real-time processing and batch processing of data

You can apply any real-time or batch processing logic to data collected in intdash. You can leverage processing results by storing them as secondary data in the datastore again or by visualizing them in applications.

Using data in other systems and orchestrating systems

You can apply preprocessing including format conversion and data cleansing so that the data can be utilized in external systems.

Media Services

Media Services provides video conversion and many other functions to build pipelines for video data. Media Services facilitates the use of media data by providing codec conversion for image clipping and format conversion for video streaming.

Streaming in standard protocols

Media Services converts media data in intdash into streaming formats easy to use in third-party applications (in particular, web-based applications) such as HLS and MPEG-DASH.

Download of media files

Media Services converts media data in intdash into easy-to-handle video/image file formats so that it can be downloaded.

Codec conversion

Media Services converts various kinds of media data in intdash into other suitable formats. For example, it converts highly compressed video data such as H.264 to image formats such as JPEG to enable the use of data in machine learning and other applications.