EDGEPLANT Peripherals

Interface devices and other peripherals

EDGEPLANT Peripherals

The EDGEPLANT T1 can be connected with multiple CAN-USB interfaces or ANALOG-USB interfaces. These interface products have a hardware mechanism to synchronize timestamps with a precision of 1 microsecond. This enables high-precision data fusion.


Interface device that acquires control signals such as CAN and J1939

  • This interface device can connect to two CAN bus channels at the same time by using a branch line.
  • The device provides high-precision hardware timestamping for CAN data.
  • The clock share mechanism synchronizes timestamps between multiple CAN-USB interfaces.
  • Synchronization signals can be output to external measuring devices or other equipment.
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EDGEPLANT ANALOG-USB Interface (to be launched in June 2021)

Interface device that connects to analog sensors and acquires control signals

  • 16-bit precision 8-channel galvanic isolated analog input and 12-bit precision 1-channel analog output
  • Selectable input voltage range: 0 V–+5 V, −10 V–+10 V, −5 V–+5 V
  • Software APIs for Windows and Linux will be provided in the future.