intdash Appliances

Appliance that enables data transmission to the intdash platform

intdash and EDGEPLANT for advanced DX

EDGEPLANT can be used as an edge computing environment in the high-speed IoT platform, intdash, to establish an edge/cloud hybrid environment.

  • Edge processing for massive data fusion
  • Integrating ROS environment with the cloud
  • Remote image acquisition, remote monitoring, and remote operations using high encoding capability
  • Developing AI models in the cloud and using them in the edge environment

In-vehicle terminal appliances

Terminal appliances are in-vehicle computers installed in automobiles, heavy equipment, construction equipment, and farm equipment. Connected to the bus, they transmit a variety of data including control signals and sensor signals to the intdash platform. Terminal appliances are based on industrial edge computers and are supplied with a variety of embedded software installed.


  • All-in-one design for IoT equipped with SIM slot and GPS
  • Reliable hardware that can be used as an in-vehicle computer
  • Support for a wide range of power voltages (9–36 V) for reliable use in passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles, and construction equipment.
  • Conforms to the EMC standards (E mark) required for in-vehicle devices. Noise propagation to the vehicle power system and peripherals is suppressed, and high immunity performance is achieved.
  • Wide operating temperature range (−20°C–+65°C)
  • Multiple camera inputs and encoding are supported.
  • USB 3.0 connector with lock mechanism to prevent unintentional cable removal
  • Independent MCU for power management and fault monitoring
  • Highly maintainable external fan mechanism that combines dustproofing and cooling performance
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NEXCOM VTC 1910 APPLIANCE (Intel Atom E3815)

  • Versatile interfaces (USB, serial, and LAN)
  • Support for vehicle power supplies (12 or 24 VDC)
  • Automatic startup and shutdown by linking to the ignition
  • Mobile communication module (antenna included)
  • Built-in GPS unit (antenna included)
  • Acquisition of media data through a web camera and a microphone (optional)

Terminal Config

Terminal Config is a web-based management tool to set up terminal appliances. You can easily check the status of terminal appliances and change settings from a browser on a PC connected to the network.

  • Browser-based setting management tool
  • Settings can be changed from a PC connected to Wi-Fi or LAN.
  • The status of a terminal appliance can be checked.
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