intdash Edge

intdash edge side middleware to realize advanced IoT by linking OT (Operational Things) and IT

intdash Edge

intdash Edge is middleware that performs various kinds of processing at network edges. intdash Edge manages and automatically retransmits data lost in transmission in an unstable network. It also operates as an interconnection bridge between many different devices and iSCP.

intdash Edge

intdash Edge Agent

intdash Edge Agent is agent software that exchanges data with the intdash API. The user can connect a device to intdash just by implementing a Device Connector plugin for the device. intdash Edge Agent allows you to develop client applications that use the basic functions of intdash Edge, such as automatic retransmission and data flow control, with minimum additional implementation.

  • Storing data in iSCP data format and adding timestamps
  • Data exchange with the intdash server (communication using iSCP)
  • Data queuing and retransmission of lost data

Device Connector

Device Connector is a plugin module for data connection between the device and intdash Edge Agent. Device Connectors for various control signals, sensor signals, video, image, and audio are provided by aptpod. The Edge Agent SDK allows the user to develop their own Device Connectors for their data device.