Edge computer brand to establish an advanced AI/IoT environment


Edge Computer System Brand — EDGEPLANT

EDGEPLANT is a hardware brand geared toward providing an advanced and robust edge computing environment for AI and IoT, which are essential to industrial DX. EDGEPLANT consists of edge computers with onboard GPUs, interface devices to connect to control buses and sensor networks, a camera system, and other components.

Application fields of EDGEPLANT

  • Mobility including automobiles, buses, and trucks
  • Heavy equipment, construction equipment, and farm equipment
  • Robots, AGV, etc.

Solutions enabled by EDGEPLANT

  • Edge AI processing including video processing
  • Video encoding from multiple camera inputs
  • Data acquisition through data fusion for machine learning
  • ROS processing and connection in the robotics field

We launched an in-vehicle edge computer, the EDGEPLANT T1, in April 2021 as the first product of the EDGEPLANT series. The EDGEPLANT T1 is an in-vehicle all-in-one edge computer. This edge computer enables advanced IoT and AI environments in a wide range of fields including automobile, construction equipment, and robotics.

Future Product Lineup of EDGEPLANT

EDGEPLANT consists of GPU-based edge computers, interface peripherals that support many different industrial inputs, camera devices, and other components.

  • Edge computer products with onboard GPUs
  • Interface products for connection with control and sensor networks
  • Camera systems, etc.



High-performance edge computer with NVIDIA® Jetson™ TX2

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EDGEPLANT Peripherals

Interface devices and other peripherals

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