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a project to prove one’s delight
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Who We Are

Founded in 2006, aptpod is driving change in the IoT industry with technical know-how and an unprecedented level of collaboration with customers, developers, and business partners. We are committed to excellence and strive to build cutting edge products that are reliable and consistent.

We’re working to build a brighter future.

We’ve created new possibilities to streamline and innovate data collection.

We are aptpod: ‘a project to prove one’s delight’.


Company Name aptpod, Inc.
Founded December 2006
Headquarters Yotsuya Tosei Building 3F 4-3 Yotsuya Shinjuku-ku Tokyo

M2M Software & Hardware

  • Planning
  • Development
  • Sales
  • Cloud Service Operation

IoT Software & Hardware

  • Planning
  • Development
  • Sales
  • Cloud Service Operation

Chief Executive Officer Junichi Sakamoto

Chief Technology Officer Hirotaka Kajita

Outside Director Toshihide Nakayama

Outside Director Takeshi Kachi

Outside Director Yoshitake Ishimoto

Auditor Jun Akasakaya

Executive officer Ryosuke Iwata

Executive officer Satoshi Tomita

Executive officer Maki Ishi

Executive officer Kohei Ozawa

Partner Certification AWS-APN
Member ASAM



Yotsuya Tosei Bldg. 3F, 4-3 Yotsuya, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo , 160-0004


Leave Exit No. 2 of the Yotsuya-sanchome Station of the Tokyo Metro Line and walk 4 minutes on Shinjuku Street toward Shinjuku. The 3rd floor of a building with 7-ELEVEN on the first floor.