Developer tools and released resources

intdash SDK for Python

You can use the client library "intdash SDK for Python" to access time-series data and other resources on the intdash server. This library allows you to easily create applications that use intdash at the back end. The SDK can also be used to perform various types of processing and numerical calculations on third-party tools such as Jupyter Notebook. This extends the functionality of intdash by allowing interactive manipulation of data on the server.

Use cases
  • Access from an interactive environment such as Jupyter Notebook to the intdash server
  • Application development in Python
  • Development of data pipeline code for machine learning
Released resources

intdash SDK for Edge Device (intdash Edge Agent)

intdash Edge Agent is agent software for edge devices that provides the basic functions of intdash Edge. The user can connect a variety of devices to intdash just by implementing a Device Connector plugin that supports the device you want to connect. This software allows you to develop client applications that use the basic functions of intdash Edge, such as automatic retransmission and data flow control, with minimum additional implementation.

Supported platforms
  • Linux on the AMD64 architecture
  • Raspbian on Raspberry Pi
  • NVIDIA L4T on NVIDIA Jetson
Use cases
  • Development of simple devices using Raspberry Pi, etc.
  • Porting to various industrial computers on which Linux runs
  • Custom development of software that processes data input from sensors and control networks
Released resources

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