White Paper

Introduction of the core technologies of aptpod


Use cases of intdash

The intdash product suite assumes the following use cases. This white paper describes each use case enabled with the intdash product suite.

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intdash provides solutions to challenges caused by high-frequency data transmission

intdash is designed to transmit high-frequency data via a best effort network such as a mobile network. This white paper shows the possible problems in such networks and the problems caused by the high frequency of generated data. This paper also provides an overview of the functions of intdash to solve these problems and challenges.

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iSCP (intdash Stream Control Protocol)

iSCP (intdash Stream Control Protocol) is our proprietary protocol used for internal communication of intdash. iSCP is used for data streaming between the streaming data broker and the edge device module and provides the main functions of intdash such as flawless data collection, efficient transmission, and flow control.

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iSCP 1.0 essentials

This document describes the detailed specifications of iSCP required to use the developer's tools and SDKs.

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