Innovation-spurning industrial IoT middleware/service product introduction


Visual M2M


“Visual M2M” is the general brand name of aptpod applications.

Visual M2M Motion for iOS

Smartphone application capable of data measurement using 9-axis sensors, GPS, and cameras built into smartphones. Can simultaneously transmit collected data in real time to the cloud, and store them locally in a smartphone. For example, it can be fixed within an automobile to obtain measurements for easy evaluation of vehicle behavior and video collection. In addition, it can be linked to a vehicle-mounted Intdash Automotive Pro (terminal system) to perform measurements while also performing data collection, e.g., of CAN data, and time stamp synchronization.

Automotive Pro


Synchronized CAN Transceiver (SCT)

CAN-USB transceiver compatible with a 2-channel CAN for vehicle data measurement. Capable of time stamp processing of CAN data through an SCT time stamping function. In addition, it is capable of integrated time stamp processing through an interface capable of multiple SCT signal synchronization. SCT is used through USB connection to Automotive Pro’s “Terminal Systems” dedicated vehicle-mounted device.