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This is the SaaS that analyzes and examines high-speed sensor data automatically gathered in real-time to cloud. It can visualize and analyze various data by using a user interface that can be customized depending on the usage for analysis.

Anywhere as long as there is a browser. Beautiful visualization of data.

The supplied browser-based UIs allow you to view and analyze stream data by displaying real-time stream data, displaying graphs of past data, and downloading CSV data by fully utilizing HTML5. The user can easily create a dashboard and visualize data in various ways through the intuitive operation of dragging and dropping.

Visual parts supporting various data sources

Parts supporting various data sources, including for mapping GPS data, tracing mobile GPS, video captured by an action camera, as well as basic parts such as meters and graphs, are supplied. In addition, many parts that support data analysis, such as average value, maximum value, and scatter diagram parts, are also available.

Real-time drawing by SVG

Real-time drawing with vector data has been realized by the employment of a new drawing platform and SVG. Can create beautiful drawing by multiple devices without degradation in expansion and reduction.

Analysis functions

  • Analysis display based on the timeline
  • Statistical display in line with the timeline (histogram, scatter diagram, etc.)
  • Real-time statistical display
  • Comparison of data of different time series
  • Data tagging
  • GPS data mapping
  • Data display with 2D/3D models

Improved data-bound search

Improved capability of searching a target data type from a vast amount of data types

Data conversion

  • Reading of data definition files (such as dbc file and a2l file)
  • Conversion into physical quantity by data definition file

Tutorial Movie

【01】Prior to starting Data Visualizer

【02】Real-time replay in graph format

【03】Past data replay and capture data creation

【04】Replay in video and map format

【05】Data download/Export/Import