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Intdash Automotive Pro is a SaaS solution for the one-step realization of a workflow including data logging, data management, visualization, and analysis of vehicle CAN (controller area network) data and sensor data based on a cloud system.

Merits of introduction

Data Visualizer

Intuitive browser-based user interface with superior design

  • Provides functions required for data analysis, including data stream replay, analysis graphs, and CSV download
  • Users from multiple locations can simultaneously access real-time data/analysis of collected data

Appealing data visualization available anywhere as long as you have a browser

Provides browser-based UI by fully utilizing HTML5. A user can easily create their own dashboard and visualize data from various perspectives through intuitive drag and drop operations.

  • Data visualization through various visual parts
  • Various statistical graphs (histograms, scattering diagrams, etc.)
  • Real-time statistical display
  • Data display using 2D/3D models
  • Video data reading
  • Side-by-side and background display of video data and statistical data
  • Physical valuing of binary data using CAN database (dbc file)

  • GPS data mapping
  • Vehicle fleet display
  • Map tracking display
  • Side-by-side and background display of map data and statistical data
  • Event display of on-map tracking (errors, threshold values, etc.)

Terminal Systems

Vehicle-mounted terminal system realizing distance, automatic and real-time data measurement

  • Can obtain synchronized measurements of data on multiple CAN buses (maximum 4 systems)
  • Simultaneous processing of RAW data logging and sampling data transmission to cloud
  • Handle automatic measurements using IG linking
  • Capable of joint input of various digital/analog sensors, including gyro/acceleration
  • Mobile communication module, built-in GPS unit
  • Can capture JPEG/videos using camera linking

Utilities supporting measurement sites

Terminal Config

  • Browser-based setting tool
  • WiFi/LAN connection to vehicle terminal from PC
  • Vehicle terminal status check
  • Browser-based setting tool
  • Transmission data sampling setting
  • Transmission data filter setting

Terminal Status Viewer

  • BLE connection to vehicle-mounted terminal
  • Inspection and checking of vehicle-mounted terminal status

Synchronized CAN Transceiver

CAN-USB transceiver compatible with 2-channel CAN bus for vehicle data measurement

  • 2-channel CAN bus compatible
  • Capable of time stamp processing of CAN data
  • Signal synchronization using multiple transceivers
  • Signal synchronization including external measurement devices

Mobile Application

Applications measuring and uploading Smartphone built-in 9-axis sensor/GPS sensor/camera data

  • Sensor/video data real-time transmission
  • Can store measurements for later upload
  • Can be fixed to vehicles for easy performance and video collection
  • Time start/stop function

  • Can be linked to vehicle-mounted terminal to obtain measurements while collecting data such as CAN data and performing time stamp synchronization