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Visual M2M for Automotive Pro is a one-stop SaaS solution that materializes the workflow for logging, managing, visualizing, and analyzing data on vehicle CAN (Controller Area Network) and sensor data in the automobile industry, based on a cloud system.

Advantages of using

Terminal Systems

Visual M2M Terminal System is an automobile terminal system that realizes remote and automatic control and real-time measurement of data.

  • Data over plural CAN buses can be simultaneously measured (up to four systems)
  • Simultaneous processing of logging of RAW data and transmission of sampling data to cloud
  • Exclusive CAN-USB transceiver that does not affect CAN bus (does not return ACC)
  • Automatic measurement supported by coordination with IG
  • Quick start, in 6 seconds minimum
  • Integrated input from digital/analog sensors, such as for gyro and acceleration, is also possible
  • Built-in mobile communications module and GPS unit
  • Interlocked camera capable of shooting JPG/video

Cloud Server

Real-time, fast data processing by server

  • Real-time summary processing is possible at a fixed interval (seconds or minutes)
  • Integrated management of position information (GPS), video, and sensor data, in addition to CAN data
  • Coordination with an external system and development of custom applications made possible by the many APIs supplied

Data Security

  • Advanced client parse processing capable of keeping the CAN database and CAN data itself secret
  • Security ensured at end points through device authentication of the terminal of a vehicle and user terminal referencing data
  • Data transfer through SSL encrypted communication

Data Visualizer

Intuitive, browser-based interface of excellent design

  • Supplies the functions necessary for data analysis such as stream playback of data, analysis graph, and CSV downloading
  • Users at more than one base can simultaneously access and view real-time data and analyze accumulated data

Analysis functions

  • Analysis display based on the timeline
  • Statistical display in line with the timeline (histogram, scatter diagram, etc.)
  • Real-time statistical display
  • Comparison of data of different time series
  • Data tagging
  • GPS data mapping
  • Data display with 2D/3D models


  • Errors defined by the management tool are detected and displayed in a list
  • Visualization and comparison of neighboring data on a list
  • Threshold value detection
  • Fleet monitoring
  • Edge status monitoring

Data conversion

  • Reading of data definition files (such as dbc file and a2l file)
  • Conversion into physical quantity by data definition file

CAN monitor

  • Stream display of all CAN data flowing in
  • Filtering of each CH (channel)
  • Creation of intermediate definition file by selecting only necessary data


  • User management, authentication, and approval
  • Measurement project management
  • Terminal management


  • Downloading and coordination of data (coordination with other services)
  • Totalization processing (simplified totalization, complex totalization/report, mail transmission, totalization)
  • Calculation processing (combinational calculation of raw data/specific algorithm, calculation with calculation set)

Mobile Application

Optional applications adding many functions

Smartphone applications that can coordinate with the Terminal System and Bluetooth supply many functions, including video recording and measured data management

  • Trigger application
  • Recording and uploading video
  • Uploading csv data
  • Connecting sensors connectable in conformance with BLE