Use case

Introduction of Various Case Examples

Our company is providing the services for implementation of products and customizing the services accompanying the implementation of a product for the purpose of supporting various industries.
We are providing services to support the development of prototype system applications including the area of M2M/IoT mainly on the Visual M2M. It covers a variety of areas such as automotive, energy management (HEMS), and healthcare.

Here, we introduce case examples for implementation of our services.

001|Honda Motor Co., Ltd./ Solar EV demonstration co-experiment project in the Republic of the Marshall Islands

Use Case 001

Solar EV Demonstration Co-Experiment Project
in the Republic of the Marshall Islands

In addition to the above, our products and services are actively adopted for a variety of innovative projects.

- Remote Data Collection Structure in the Automotive Research and Development Processes
- Long Term Remote Data Logging for Mass Production Vehicles all over Europe
- Remote Machine Diagnosing System
- Automatic Judgment System for Safe Driving
- Remote Stress Diagnosing System using an Wearable Vital Sensor
- Remote Machine Control PoC

Customized UI Case Examples in the Past

Vehicle Condition Monitoring Systems

Energy Simulators

EV Vehicle Dashboards

EV Vehicle Dashboards

Healthcare Applications

Onboard Tablet Applications