Appliances and various peripheral products

In-vehicle terminal appliances

Terminal appliances are in-vehicle computers installed in automobiles, heavy equipment, construction equipment, and farm equipment. Connected to the bus, they transmit a variety of data including control signals and sensor signals to the intdash platform. Terminal appliances are based on industrial edge computers and are supplied with a variety of embedded software installed.


  • Versatile interfaces (USB, serial, and LAN)
  • Support for vehicle power supplies (12 or 24 VDC)
  • Automatic startup and shutdown by linking to the ignition
  • Mobile communication module (antenna included)
  • Built-in GPS unit (antenna included)
  • Acquisition of media data through a web camera and a microphone (optional)

Terminal Config

Terminal Config is a web-based management tool to set up terminal appliances. You can easily check the status of terminal appliances and change settings from a browser on a PC connected to the network.

  • Browser-based setting management tool
  • Settings can be changed from a PC connected to Wi-Fi or LAN.
  • The status of a terminal appliance can be checked.

Peripheral devices

Peripheral equipment of terminal appliances.

CAN-USB Interface - AP-CT2A

Interface device that connects the CAN bus to terminal appliances and acquires control signals such as CAN and J1939

  • This interface device can connect to two CAN bus channels at the same time by using a branch line.
  • The device provides high-precision hardware timestamping for CAN data.
  • The clock share mechanism synchronizes timestamps between multiple CAN-USB interfaces.
  • Synchronization signals can be output to external measuring devices or other equipment.

Other OT solutions

We also offer custom hardware for data measurement in industrial fields such as automobiles, heavy equipment, construction equipment, farm equipment, robots, and drones. You can also use intdash in a variety of scenarios by porting intdash Edge middleware to custom hardware.